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News archives: August 2019

  • Think Before You Throw

    West Sussex is missing out on a massive 22,000 tonnes a year of recycling. Read more

  • #PassOnPlastic

    This month the West Sussex Climate Pledge will be focusing on single-use plastics and asking us all to #PassOnPlastic. Read more

  • Have a waste-free summer

    There’s nothing better than having a picnic in the countryside or by the seaside during the (hopefully) long hot summer months. And with a bit of planning you can ensure your carefree day out doesnâ... Read more

  • Keeping our garden waste plastic free

    It can be so easy to scoop up a plant pot, plastic label, or plastic bag when gathering up your garden waste. This can lead to plastic items ending up in garden waste at our Household Waste Recycling ... Read more

  • BBQs and Gas Canisters

    We’ve had reports of BBQs and gas canisters being put into recycling and rubbish bins. This is extremely dangerous for our staff working at our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) and Mechanical Biol... Read more