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News archives: July 2019

  • Video highlights the missing mountain of recycling in West Sussex

    Have you seen it yet? We’ve just launched a brand new version of our We’ve just launched a brand new version of our Think Before You Throw video which shows the massive amount of recycling whic... Read more

  • Love summer, love your clothes

    Shops are full of school uniforms and holiday clothes now the summer has started but we have a few tips from our Tackling Textiles campaign that may save you money and from having to throw clothes awa... Read more

  • West Sussex Climate pledge

    Have you signed up to the West Sussex Climate Pledge yet? It only takes a few minutes and is a great way to show your commitment to fighting climate change. Read more

  • Think Before You Throw is back!

    Some of you might remember our Think Before You Throw campaign which was designed to help you to recycle more and waste less. Read more

  • Rip it up and start again

    Speaking of recycling, something we are asked all the time is what to do with large items of cardboard. We would always say please don’t leave cardboard by the side of your recycling bin as a summer... Read more