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News archives: March 2019

  • Tackling Textiles - Recycle

    Since January, we have been asking residents to join us in ‘Tackling Textiles’. In the last couple of months we have focused on how to repair or reuse textiles and now we are focusing on recycl... Read more

  • Spirit FM Green Month

    Have you tuned into Spirit FM recently? If you have you may have heard that we’re working with them to provide listeners in West Sussex with information on sustainable living, including: Read more

  • How does your garden grow?

    With the weather we’ve had so far in 2019, we’re pleased to say our gardens have been springing back to life and in between the showers we’ve been getting our green spaces back in tip top condit... Read more

  • How about composting?

    If you have the space in your garden, why not consider getting a compost bin and taking up home composting? Read more

  • #PassOnPlastic this Waste Week

    Single-use plastics are still a hot topic and lots of people are looking for ways to cut down on using them. Read more