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Ford MRF

Ford Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) is one of the most technologically advanced MRFs in the country. It is operated by Viridor on behalf of West Sussex County Council. The automated MRF sorts and separates all the recyclables you put in your recycling bin at home into individual high quality, valuable materials which are baled, ready for manufacturing into new goods and products. 

What happens to my recycling?

Recycling from all households in West Sussex is delivered to Ford MRF via a network of transfer stations. At the transfer stations the recycling is bulked up onto bigger vehicles before being transported to the MRF to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

At the MRF, the mixed recycling is mechanically sorted and separated into individual material types, baled up, then transported to reprocessors for manufacturing into new goods and products.

A range of technology is employed at the MRF to sort and separate recycling into high quality products ready for reprocessing. Click on the video above to find out how MRFs work.

To help the MRF perform to its full potential, it is vital that only the correct items are put in your recycling bin at home. If the wrong items are put in your recycling bin, they risk damaging the MRF and could ruin the quality of the correct items for recycling. Reprocessors can only recycle materials that are clean and dry.

For more information about what can go in your recycling bin at home, please click here

Attached to the MRF is a dedicated Education Centre, specifically designed for schools in West Sussex, to enable children and young people to find out what happens to their recycling once it has been collected from their home. Please click the grey box below to find out more about the Education Centre at Ford MRF.

Find out what happened to the recycling collected from your homes and from your local HWRS over the last year.

Education centre

Where to find Ford MRF

Ford Materials Recycling Facility
Ford Road
West Sussex
BN18 0FL

Tel: 01903 712620
Fax: 01903 712658

The MRF is located on the Ford Airfield (which also hosts the Sunday Market and Car Boot). Access is from Ford Road, close to the A259 at Climping and A27 at Arundel.

Ford MRF is also the main office location for Viridor in West Sussex.

Please note: All visits to the Ford MRF Education Centre must be pre-booked with the Education Officer at Viridor.