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Give your plastic bottles a new life

Posted on 18 November 2014

Did you know that plastic bottles can be reborn as children’s toys or football shirts? They can even be transformed into picnic benches and chairs too.

But they need to be recycled first – and that’s why West Sussex County Council has partnered with all seven district and borough councils in the county to support the nationwide Pledge 4 Plastics campaign.

The campaign asks everyone to make a commitment to recycle one more plastic bottle a week.

It’s easy to make your pledge – just visit or visit our pledge tree at one of our waste prevention events.

Lionel Barnard, County Council Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services, said: “We are committed to making sure we recycle as much as we can and by recycling plastic bottles, we are saving a valuable resource from going to landfill.

“Plastic bottles can be turned in lots of different things, including types of clothing, garden furniture, toys, kitchen utensils, pens and even building materials, like fences or pipes.

“Don’t forget, all types of plastic bottles can be recycled, including those used for washing up liquid, shampoos, shower gels, cleaning products, cooking oils and drinks. But they need to be clean, dry and loose before you add them to your recycling bin

“So why not do your part to reduce the amount of wasted plastic in West Sussex?

“Go online or visit our Pledge Tree at one of the many local events that our volunteers are visiting over the next few weeks.”

The Pledge Tree has been designed and built from recycled and reused materials by Adam Swain, Waste Prevention Events Assistant for the County Council.

Pledge Tree Events
The Pledge Tree is scheduled to be at a number of events throughout November and December, including the following:

- Friday 21 November (9am-2pm): Chichester Farmers Market (East Street)

- Sunday 30 November (10am–4pm): Horsham Christmas Fayre, Carfax, Horsham

- Saturday 13 December (10am-4pm): Littlehampton Christmas Carnival and Fun Day, High Street, Littlehampton

- Sunday 14 December (midday-5pm): Taste Christmas Food Event, behind Edes House, County Hall, West Street, Chichester

What is Pledge 4 Plastics?

Pledge 4 Plastics is a nationwide initiative to encourage every UK household to recycle more plastic – starting with the pledge to recycle one more plastic bottle a week.

Plastic bottles from every room in the house could be collected for recycling whatever the colour, shape or size.

Plastic packaging makes up 11% of household waste in the UK and 40% of that is plastic bottles. The 5 billion plastic bottles thrown away nationally in 2012 were worth around £25 million to the recycling industry and it cost £19 million to dispose of them in landfill. Overall the average UK household uses over 440 plastic bottles per year, but only recycles just over 250 of them.

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