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Horsham Gobbler service to cease

Posted on 27 May 2014

The Horsham Gobbler Service will cease from the end of June.

The service operated on a quarterly basis in Steyning, Henfield, Pulborough and Storrington and handled general household waste.

In order to take this decision, West Sussex County Council – which funds the service  - has consulted with Horsham District Council which operates the service. Horsham District Council has conducted monitoring and confirmed that usage of the service has declined significantly in recent years so much so that it is no longer providing value for money with numbers of customers and level of waste collected extremely low.

In March, just three people visited the Pulborough event and nine in Storrington. Tonnages have been so low that they have not even been recorded. 

While the service was originally planned to cease at the end of March 2013, an extension was agreed, during which it was hoped there would be an increase in the usage, which unfortunately has not happened.

Part of the reason is that recycling services across the County have significantly improved in the area, and residents are recycling more and sending less to waste.

Over the last 10 years, significant investments and improvements have been made to all permanent Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS), including the nearby Horsham site and also the creation of a new HWRS at Billinghurst, which opened in autumn 2005.

Cabinet Member for Residents Services, Lionel Barnard, said: “Unfortunately given current economic pressures the Horsham Gobbler service can no longer be justified and we regret that we are unable to continue with the service.

“The money saved from ceasing this service will be reinvested in other areas of waste and recycling to improve the countywide service.”