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On the 9th day of Christmas...

Posted on 17 December 2013

On the 9th day of Christmas Recycle for West Sussex gave to me nine ideas to recycle and reuse old textiles…

When you find a hole in a sock, or a jumper starts looking threadbare, resist the urge to throw them in the rubbish bin – because all textiles (whether manmade or natural fibres) can be reused or recycled.

Here are nine top tips on how to reuse or recycle your unwanted clothes and home textiles:

1. Clear out your wardrobe to make room for new outfits. If you haven’t worn an item in the last two years (and they are in saleable condition), then it’s time to take them to a charity shop or charity clothes bank.

2. Take unwanted worn-out clothes, shoes and bags to your local Household Waste Recycling Site (HWRS) and place them in a textiles bank for recycling. Make sure the items are clean.

3. Reuse wool from that unattractive Christmas jumper to knit something new.

4. Donate old duvets and bedding to homeless and animal shelters to help keep people and animals warm during winter.

5. Cut up old socks, tights, stockings and pants to reuse as cushion fillings or take them to your HWRS for recycling.

6. Cut up old towels to use as cleaning cloths or polishing rags.

7. Take old worn bed sheets to your HWRS to be recycled or reuse them as decorating sheets.

8. Old denim jeans make great shoulder bags…cut them up and get sewing!

9. And remember not to recycle clothes with their hangers! Plastic ones go in the rubbish bin and metal hangers can go in the metal bin at your local HWRS.

With a plethora of make-do-and-mend and vintage home shows on the telly, there’s plenty of advice and inspiration out there to help you find creative ideas to reuse and recycle textiles in 2014.

Help make sure your recycling can have a new use by keeping your items clean, dry and loose!