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Summertime...and the recycling is easy!

Posted on 21 May 2012

It's a bumper summer for celebrations but don't forget to recycle while you toast the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics

All your glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, cans, paper and card go to the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Ford where they are sorted and then sent on to manufacturers who turn them into something new.

We are asking residents to be careful that when they recycle after their party they are not recycling the wrong things as this could lead to some of their hard work literally going to waste - please make sure all items are not wet, dirty or tied up in plastic bags.

Let's get this party started!
- Place a container next to the barbecue for people to pop their empty drink cans and bottles in
- Consider using washable plates and cutlery rather than plastic knives and forks and paper plates
- If you are using packets or burgers and sausages, remember the card outer can be recycled, but the plastic inners cannot!

The party's over...
- Make sure drink cans and wine bottles are totally empty and put them LOOSE in the recycling bin
- Don't recycle paper plates which have leftovers on them
- You can't recycle plastic knives and forks
- Ensure everything is DRY
- Tip the cans and bottles straight into the recycling bin

The simple message is make sure everything that you recycle is...CLEAN, DRY and LOOSE.

If you're planning a summer event, please feel free to download the articles and posters below. You could place the posters by bins to help your guests recycle the right stuff, and the articles on tables - we never tire of talking about recycling and figure we can't be the only ones!

A4 Poster

A3 Poster

Summertime article - A4 landscape

Summertime article - A5 portrait