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Changes to the use of Household Waste Recycling Sites

Posted on 1 November 2019

From 1 December 2019 anyone using a West Sussex household waste recycling site (HWRS) will need to provide proof of residency in West Sussex. Access will be denied to the sites if proof of address is not shown or you live outside of west Sussex.

Acceptable forms of ID:

• Current driving licence (a photo card or paper licence will be accepted) - preferred option

• Council Tax bill - from the current Council Tax financial year• Utility bill (gas, electric or water) - less than a year old

• TV licence less than a year old

• Letter from HMRC or the Home Office - less than a year old

Only original and printed paper copies are acceptable. Allowing the use of digital copies of documents was considered but it was felt that the potential issues, such as lack of internet connection, could result in traffic congestion. 

Further information about the new requirements can be found here.