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Mia recycles on takeaway night

Posted on 16 September 2019

Take some of the guilt out of your next takeaway by remembering to recycle afterwards. Our takeaway meals are often delivered in foil and plastic containers which means they can all be recycled.

Watch the next video in the Mia recycles series below.


Here’s a list of some items that you can recycle after a takeaway:

You CAN recycle

  • plastic and foil (takeaway containers) including the lids– these items can be recycled as long as they’re cleaned of any leftover food and then left to dry
  • drinks cans (fizzy drinks, beer) – cans can be recycled as long as they have been emptied
  • glass and plastic bottles (fizzy drinks, wine, squash) – bottles made of plastic and glass can be recycled as long as they are empty and clean. Remember to remove the plastic bottle tops and pop this in your rubbish bin or alternatively, some local charities collect them
  • metal bottle tops (metal caps on wine bottles, foil wrap on drinks bottles) – remove metal bottle tops and put them with your recycling. The magnets at the materials recycling facility will pick these up and sort them for recycling

You CANNOT recycle

  • small plastic bottle tops (lids on fizzy and squash bottles) – these are too small to be sorted by the machinery at the materials recycling facility and could get caught in the machinery and cause it to stop working
  • plastic cutlery (plastic knives, forks and spoons) – disposable plastic cutlery is too small to be sorted and cannot be recycled

Remembering to rinse off any food from the containers is important. Items that have leftover food or drink on them can ruin the quality of other recycling in your recycling bin. This can then spoil the rest of the other recycling in the recycling lorries and at the MRF. Items that are covered with leftover food and drink cannot be recycled.