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This week, Mia's in the kitchen helping her family recycle common household items.

Posted on 10 September 2019

The kitchen is the room that most households will find the most recyclable materials. We’re fortunate in West Sussex that we can recycle so many different types of packaging. As Mia reminded her family, remember to give your recycling a quick rinse to keep it free from food and drink leftovers.

Watch the second video in the Mia recycles series below.

Here’s a list of some kitchen items that might get missed:

You CAN recycle

  • Glass jars and bottles (jam jars, spreads, coffee, beer and wine bottles) – these can be recycled, they will just need to have a quick rinse so there’s no food or liquid residue. Lids need to be removed, and if the lids are made of metal and jam jar sized or larger they can also be recycled. If not, throw the lids in with your normal waste, alternatively some local groups and charities will collect lids.  
  • Plastic pots, tubs and trays (fruit punnets, ready-meal containers, meat trays, yoghurt pots) – In West Sussex we can recycle plastic containers of any colour (including black). Remember to give them a quick rinse, as well as providing clean material for plastic recyclers you will also help to prevent food contamination on other recyclables such as paper and card, which would make them unsuitable for recycling.

    You CANNOT recycle
  • Clingfilm or plastic bags (crisp packets, salad bags, plastic carrier bags) – these items cannot be sorted by the automated sorting machinery and so cannot be recycled. Some supermarkets have recycling points for plastic bags alternatively some local groups or charities may collect these.
  • Pyrex or drinking glasses (glass roasting dish, wine glasses, ceramics, crockery) – these items melt at a much higher point than other glass and so cannot be recycled in your recycling bin at home.