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Keeping out garden waste plastic free

Keeping our garden waste plastic free

Posted on 2 August 2019

It can be so easy to scoop up a plant pot, plastic label, or plastic bag when gathering up your garden waste. This can lead to plastic items ending up in garden waste at our Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRSs) or in kerbside green waste collections.

Unfortunately this plastic doesn’t break down during the composting process and can be very difficult to remove once it has been shredded into smaller pieces.

Your garden waste is turned into compost which is put back to land and farms in the local area, so it’s important to ensure it is free from plastic.

You can help by keeping your eyes peeled for rogue items that sometimes get caught up with other garden waste and if you are at your local HWRS and drop a plastic bag into the green waste by accident, just let a member of staff know so that they can fish it out.