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West Sussex Compost Scheme Scoops Award

Posted on 1 April 2012

West Sussex County Council, Horsham District Council, Olus and Viridor succeeded in their joint application for the Local Partnership Award, beating off competition from projects across the UK.

The innovative scheme involves the removal of paper and card from the composting process, redirecting it to Ford Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) where the waste is transformed from a cost to the compost process into a recyclable product and source of revenue to the council. The high quality compost is then sold at Household Waste Recycling Centres to local residents and is promoted on the Recycle for West Sussex website and through the education process, which teaches schools and community groups about the benefits of recycling and promoting waste awareness.


The project has led to a win-win situation creating a higher quality compostable product and producing a positive revenue from the removed materials, which in this case is the highly marketable paper and card. This project has diverted approximately 900 tonnes of card from composting to recycling at a cost saving of £25,000 a year; with a cardboard revenue of £72,000 a year giving a net benefit of £97,000 each year to be shared among the partners.


Accepting the award on behalf of the partnership, Bill Griffiths, Viridor’s national organics & recycling manager said he was delighted with the success of the campaign which has succeeded beyond expectations.


 “As waste and recycling contractor, Viridor is pleased with the progress that has been made across West Sussex and in this project in particular. We are lucky to be working alongside partner organisations that care about what is happening to waste and share our vision of transforming it into quality products, wherever possible


“In addition to achieving this award, recycling rates within this area compare very well with rates across the country. In 2000, the UK was recycling just 11% of waste and the average is now 40%, with West Sussex achieving over 44% recycling levels, as well as recording a 35% increase in waste composted since 2004.”


Peter Robinson, responsible for waste and recycling at West Sussex County Council added; “We are very pleased to receive this award which rewards the hard work of all partners involved. In removing card from our compost, this project has moved us up the waste hierarchy, turned a cost into a revenue and importantly; enhanced our service provision to householders.”

Image L-R Andy Sibley from, Countrystyle Group presents the award to Peter Robinson; West Sussex County Council; Ian Jopling, Horsham District Council and Bill Griffiths, Viridor.

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