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Recycling bin overflowing

Recycling bin overflowing?

Posted on 3 June 2019

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who recycles all that they can!

More and more people are recycling at home and if your recycling bin is anything like ours then sometimes by the time it’s due to be collected it’s getting pretty full! So what can you do to make sure it all fits?

Some great advice is to ‘wash and squash’. Particularly for items such as milk and fizzy drinks bottles, and detergent and bathroom bottles. Give them a quick rinse and then squash them down. Lots of other items can be squashed down to help you fit as much into your bin as possible.

Large items of cardboard can be torn into smaller pieces – the size of a cereal packet is ideal.

If you’ve done all this and your bin is still full then why not get in touch with your local district or borough council who may be able to organise another recycling bin for you or make alternative arrangements.

Just a little reminder though, please ensure that all your recycling is clean, dry and loose. Items that have leftover food on them or liquid in them can ruin the quality of the other recycling put in your recycling bin. This can then ruin the rest of the recycling in the recycling lorries and at our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). Items that are covered with leftover food and drink cannot be recycled. So please remember, items should be:

  • CLEAN - free from food and drink leftovers - a quick rinse will do.
  • DRY - keep your recycling bin lid shut – soggy paper and cardboard can’t be recycled and can clog up machinery at the MRF.
  • LOOSE – not tied up in plastic bags.