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Materials Recycling Facility

Posted on 8 May 2019

We’ve recently seen an increase in certain dangerous items at our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) so we just want to give a gentle reminder on what we can’t take. For more information you can visit


Nappies CANNOT be recycled so please DO NOT put them in your recycling bin at home.

For information on real nappies visit

Electrical Items

In light of the recent fire at Westhampnett HWRS please do not throw electrical items such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops along with their batteries in your recycling bin or general rubbish as they can cause fires.

You can dispose of them safely for recycling in containers at your local HWRS. Please ask for assistance from a member of staff on site if you are uncertain where to place them.


Batteries - Car

You can take your old car batteries to your local HWRS for recycling. These will be placed in special containers at the site.

Batteries contain heavy metals such as cadmium and zinc and MUST NOT be placed in your rubbish bin or your recycling bin at home.

The lead in car batteries is a valuable resource, and the battery cases can be recycled into new plastic products.

Please do not empty the battery before taking it to your local HWRS. This must be done in a controlled environment to avoid risk of contaminating land and water supplies.

Batteries - Household

You can recycle your household batteries by placing them in a designated container at your local HWRS.  You can also recycle your batteries at some supermarkets and high street shops that sell batteries.

If you use lots of batteries, why not look into using rechargeable batteries?

Gas Bottles

Gas bottles can be refilled for further use or taken to your local HWRS, where they will be returned to the issuing company for reuse. Gas bottles CANNOT be placed in your recycling bin, rubbish bin or in the containers at your HWRS as they are explosive.


Unfortunately sometimes needles and syringes are found in the recycling, this puts all staff at serious risk. Items such as this should NOT be placed in your recycling or rubbish bin. Residents can contact their local District or Borough Council for advice on the safe disposal or to arrange for a clinical waste collection.