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Summer Safety Advicce

Summer Safety Advice

Posted on 1 April 2019

With the warmer weather rapidly approaching, you may be stocking up on gas bottles to cook your breakfast/lunch/dinner whilst camping or having a family BBQ over the bank holiday weekends that are coming up.

Once they are finished, please remember that you cannot dispose of these in your kerbside recycling bin or your kerbside general rubbish bin, as they can be extremely dangerous and potentially explode, putting yourself and others at risk.

To dispose of your gas bottles safely, you can take them to your local Household Waste Recycling Site (HWRS) for disposal. These will be returned to the issuing company and refilled for further use (gas bottles must not exceed 15kg in size).

Alternatively, you can return it to the place where you purchased the bottle. If you do not know where that was, there will be a name of the type of gas on the bottle and you can return it to a local dealer of that gas e.g. Calor.

Also, if you need to dispose of small quantities of any flammable chemicals (nail varnish remover or thinners) then you can take these to your nearest HWRS too and give them to a member of staff who will place them into the flammable vault container.