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Ford MRF

Recycling Reminder

Posted on 1 April 2019

When you put recycling in your kerbside recycling bin at home it gets taken to the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) at Ford, where it all gets sorted, baled and then sold on to end-user markets ready to be turned into new products.

Understandably the end-user markets are looking for better quality material and as such there are tighter controls and inspections on the materials that are baled at the MRF. This means that sometimes small amounts of the wrong material really can ruin it for all the good quality recycling.

For example, food and liquid leftovers can coat paper and card making it unsuitable for recycling; even pizza boxes need to be put in your rubbish bin if they have large greasy patches or cheese welded on to them.

Another issue has been that some people have been putting their needles and EpiPens in their kerbside recycling bins. Not only are they not suitable for recycling but this also puts workers at great risk.

Most recently one of the quality inspections found an EpiPen that had been caught up in paper and baled ready to be recycled. This load was rejected immediately and had to be disposed of.

If you have needles/sharps for disposal, please contact your local District or Borough Council for advice and to arrange a special collection.

We know that most readers of this newsletter will already have an exceptional understanding of what can and can’t be recycled but we’re hoping that you will get on board with sharing this knowledge with friends and family across the county so we can carry on doing our bit for the environment.