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How to avoid Egg-cessive Packaging this Easter

Posted on 11 March 2019

The supermarket aisles are already filling up with Easter treats, but what choices are there if you want to avoid egg-cessive packaging?

Instead of shelling out on expensive (and often overpriced Easter eggs) why not buy simple foil wrapped eggs, or just a large bar of foil and paper wrapped standard chocolate. You’ll actually get more for your money and who doesn’t like more chocolate?

If you have a bit more time why not make your own edible Easter gifts? There are lots of ideas online for tasty Easter treats which don’t need lots of unnecessary packaging.

Don’t forget if you do end up with cardboard boxes, plastic moulds, foil, and even plastic meat trays from your lovely lamb roast - these can all be recycled. Just make sure they are:

  • CLEAN - free from food and drink leftovers
  • DRY - keep your recycling bin lid shut
  • LOOSE - no plastic bags