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How does your garden grow

How does your garden grow?

Posted on 11 March 2019

With the weather we’ve had so far in 2019, we’re pleased to say our gardens have been springing back to life and in between the showers we’ve been getting our green spaces back in tip top condition.

If you’ve been doing the same, some of your jobs might have been cutting back branches, raking up leaves, cutting the grass and dead heading flowers - these can all be accepted for recycling via your garden waste bin (collected by your local District or Borough council) or at your local Household Waste Recycling Site, but do you know what happens once it’s collected?

All of this green waste is taken to one of two composting contractors here in West Sussex:

The green waste is shredded, then with a little monitoring and rotation, nature is able to do its magic.  

These sites then market various growing and landscaping products to farmers, local nurseries, golf courses, race courses, landscape gardeners and through their own websites to you - closing the loop. 

Please ensure it is just green waste in your bin. Plastics including plant pots, crisp packets and even items that say they are compostable, such as some coffee cups and other containers, all contaminate the end product.