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Tackling Textiles

Tackling Textiles

Posted on 5 February 2019

Last month, we launched Tackling Textiles in a bid to get people thinking about the items they throw away.
If like us you’ve been watching ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix, you’ll know all about the craze to declutter homes with her innovative KonMari method. The first step is to tackle your wardrobe and only keep the items that ‘spark joy’.

It got us all in a cleaning frenzy, but what do you do with the items you don’t want to keep anymore?

That’s what our campaign is all about – helping you to reduce, reuse and ultimately recycle your textiles.

Remember, when we talk about textiles, we’re not just referring to clothes; there are a wide range of materials which you can recycle across West Sussex:

  • clothing
  • bed linen and blankets
  • table linen
  • curtains
  • bags and belts
  • shoes (paired)

So if the KonMari method has already helped you ‘spark joy’ in 2019 and you’re having a clear out or are simply looking for sustainable ways to repurpose or recycle your fabrics, visit our Tackling Textiles page or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to help you make the most of your textiles.