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#5 - Batteries not included (in your recycling or rubbish bin!)

Posted on 4 January 2019

We’re pretty sure that at least one of your Christmas presents required batteries.

When they eventually run down please remember that you must not throw them in your general rubbish OR your kerbside recycling bin.

Batteries contain heavy metals such as cadmium and zinc and can spark which can cause fires in our trucks and plants.

However, they can be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Site (HWRS) and placed in the designated container or you can also recycle them at larger supermarkets and some high street shops.

If you think your fairy lights won’t survive until 2019, then don’t put them in your recycling or rubbish bin either. Please take them (along with your batteries) to your local HWRS where the materials such as metals, plastic and glass can be recycled into new products.

So #thinkbeforeyouthrow and choose to take your fairy lights and batteries to your nearest HWRS instead.

If you live in the Arun or Crawley area you can place small electrical items, such as Christmas lights, toaster etc. in a bag to the side of your rubbish bin/bag for collection.