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#2 – Fight Against Food Waste this year

Posted on 4 January 2019

Christmas has once again snuck up on us and then disappeared into the cold West Sussex night.

We ate lots, drank more and were merry… but we also threw a lot of food out!

But it isn’t just Christmas that some of our most wasted or ‘top offending foods’ are thrown in the bin, with the average family throwing away £700 of food every year!

Did you know…

Around 48,000 tonnes of cooked spuds are being thrown away in the UK each year?


That every year in the UK, 120 million chickens are thrown away uneaten?


That we throw away about 13,000 tonnes of chocolates and sweets simply because they are not used in time?

So, now it’s a new year, is it a new you?

Here are a few hints and tips to waste less food in 2019 and continue to help us in our #FightAgainstFoodWaste:

  • Keep a handy note on your fridge of your use by dates.
  • Don’t forget that you can freeze your cheese with ease!
  • Prepare the right portion sizes and be clever when you measure.
  • Take our food waste quiz.
  • Check your fridge temperature and make sure it's below 5°C! This can make your food last up to three days longer.

More hints can be found on our website as well as some delicious recipes to utilise those leftovers.

And, while you’re using up your leftovers, eating healthily and wasting less food, remember to watch this space as we’ve got plenty of updates coming on the ‘top offending foods’ and some handy tips from our friends at WRAP!