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WEEE Christmas

WEEE wish you a Merry Christmas

Posted on 4 December 2018

From chic and stylish to cheap and cheerful there are fairy lights for every taste but what can you do with them when they finally give up the ghost?

They definitely can’t go in the bin as anything powered by a plug or batteries is classed as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (or WEEE for short) which means they need to be sent for specialist recycling/ treatment.

However, there is an area for that down at your local Household Waste Recycling Site (HWRS). If you bring your fairy lights (and other WEEE) here, the valuable materials such as metals, plastic and glass can be recycled into new products.

So #thinkbeforeyouthrow and choose to take them to your nearest HWRS instead.

If you live in the Arun or Crawley area you can place small broken electrical items, such as Christmas lights, toaster etc. in a bag to the side of your rubbish bin/bag for collection.