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Fire Risk

Don’t let fire take charge

Posted on 2 November 2018

In 2017/18 West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (WSFRS) attended 456 electrical fires, over half of which started in a cooker/oven or were due to faulty wiring

But it’s important to remember that electrical fires aren’t just confined to kitchens. Other electrical devices in the home such as iPads, mobile phones, E-Cigarettes, hair straighteners and electric blankets are also a common cause of fires.

Remember, electrical equipment should never be thrown away as they contain hazardous components. Unwanted appliances should be taken to a local Household Waste Recycling Site and disposed of in the appropriate container.

Whilst you’re there you can also recycle your old batteries, which can be disposed of in designated containers at the site or take them to a collection point in your local supermarket or DIY centre. Batteries MUST NOT be placed in your rubbish bin or your recycling bin at home as they have been known to create sparks and start a fire.