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Posted on 18 October 2018

With over 12,000 Refill stations registered nationally, the movement to encourage people to buy a reusable water bottle and Refill with tap water when on the go is really gathering momentum.

West Sussex residents are joining the campaign in droves, with local communities setting up schemes in many of our towns, including #RefillHorsham and #RefillWorthing, with many more to follow.

If you live in the Crawley area you’ll be pleased to learn that West Sussex County Council and the Friends of Buchan Country Park have joined forces to install a drinking fountain in the popular green space. The fountain was unveiled to celebrate National Refill Day last week. 

The County Council is also working with local community groups and other councils to develop a network of local businesses and venues that are opening their doors for the public to refill their own bottles with tap water instead of having to buy single use plastic bottles. 

To get involved in Refill, all you need to do is download the free app and Refill!