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Quench your thirst on the go

Posted on 3 September 2018

Over the past few months we’ve seen Local Champions promote Refill initiatives in the Horsham District and more recently, Worthing.

The launch event in Worthing was really well attended and encouraged lots of people to reduce their use of plastic by refilling their water bottles at a number of different places, including big businesses, independents and even taps along the seafront. 

You don’t have to live in, or visit, one of these areas to be able to fill up your water bottle when you’re out and about. There are over 12,000 Refill Stations across the UK that will be happy to fill up your re-usable water bottle with tap water for free.

You can download the app on your smartphone to find the Refill Stations.  

Refill is a national, practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible. 

To find out more visit the Refill website.