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On the 11th day of Christmas

Posted on 21 December 2012

On the 11th day of Christmas Recycle for West Sussex gave to me 11 Household Waste Recycling Sites…

In West Sussex we have 11 Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS) available free of charge for you to recycle lots of items that can’t go in the recycling bin.

The sites are open 7 days a week (except Midhurst) and accept lots of items for recycling. You can recycle electrical items, grass cuttings, CDs, wood, cooking oil, batteries and a whole lot more! Click on here to find your local site.

The festive period can mean an increase in the amount of rubbish that we produce. Not only do we buy more food and drink, we also buy cards and trees, not to mention all the presents.

Remember – if you can’t fit all your recycling in your recycling bin at home, you can take it along to your local HWRS for recycling. It’s really important that your recycling bin lid is kept shut or your paper and card recycling may get wet and mean it cannot be recycled.

Some councils may collect excess recycling if you put the items in a cardboard box and place next to your recycling bin on collection day. Please do not put the cardboard box out if it is raining, or if there is a chance it will rain! Wet paper and cardboard cannot be recycled.

Help make sure your recycling can have a new use by keeping your items clean, dry and loose!

Click here to download our festive recycling poster!