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Starbucks To Trial Recyclable Paper Coffee Cups

Posted on 25 July 2016

A potential answer to the problem of the 2.5bn coffee cups that don’t get recycled in the UK every year will be unveiled today (21 July) with the launch of a revolutionary new paper cup that has already seen Starbucks agree to a UK trial.

Entrepreneur Martin Myerscough, chief executive of British company Frugalpac, says he has solved the problem of only 1 in 400 paper cups currently being recycled, with most ending up in landfill.

The Frugalpac cup is made from recycled paper, is competitively-priced and recyclable in normal paper mills.

Anti-waste campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall called for action earlier this year that resulted in questions being asked in the UK parliament and several national newspaper front pages.

More than 2.5bn coffee cups are disposed of in the UK every year, according to Which?. Put them end-to-end and they would go around the world five and a half times, would weigh as much as a battleship and are made from over 100,000 trees. But very few of these cups gets recycled and nearly all end up in landfill – that’s 25,000 tonnes of waste a year – enough to fill London’s Royal Albert Hall. For more information: