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Posted on 18 March 2016

How many Easter eggs are you buying this year? How many will you receive? It’s thought on average, children in the UK receive 8 eggs each, and over 80 million eggs in total will be eaten across the country.

That’s not just a lot of chocolate, it’s a lot of foil, card and plastic. And assuming the chocolate will be gone in a flash, the rest can be recycled.

Plastic moulds

Yes! For the second year running, you can put all the plastic containers protecting your eggs, bunnies, rabbits and we even saw Darth Vader this year, in your home recycling bin.

If you are cooking an Easter Sunday roast for family or friends, don’t forget to rinse out and recycle any plastic meat containers too.

If plastics are sent to landfill they take a very long time to break down, possibly hundreds of years. By recycling them, these plastics can be made into new products such as fleeces, pillows or new plastic bottles.


Yes!1431 tonnes of foil was thrown in the rubbish bin by West Sussex households last year. That’s a cost of more than £120K in landfill tax alone.

In comparison, 46 tonnes of foil was recycled.

Making new aluminium requires a lot of energy. Whereas re-melting old into new takes only 5% of the original energy required. So the more foil we waste means more energy is being wasted to make new.

Clean foil, such as that wrapped around your Easter eggs, plus ready-meal containers, catering trays, pie cases, kitchen foil, dairy product lidding and non-laminated chocolate wrapping, can be easily recycled.


Yes! When you’ve scoffed all your eggs and are surrounded by empty boxes, flatten them and pop them in your recycling bin.

After Easter last year we saw the amount of paper and card put out for recycling rise by 120 tonnes on the previous month.

Plastic film

No! This is largely due to our automated sorting machinery. So hot cross buns plastic wrap, or the plastic film found on lollies and sweet packets, cannot be recycled in West Sussex.

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