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Revive launched in West Sussex in time for National Compost Awareness Week

Posted on 5 May 2015

To mark National Compost Awareness week (4 to 10 May 2015) this week, Viridor is launching its newly branded, locally produced, soil conditioner compost called ‘Revive’ at all of West Sussex County Council’s 11 Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRSs) in partnership with West Sussex County Council.

The brightly packaged Revive is a certified quality soil conditioner compost product made locally from composted West Sussex green garden waste and is part of Viridor’s commitment to transform waste into high quality products.

When you’ve got the gardening bug you just have to get out there and start tidying, weeding and planting and in National Compost Awareness Week, there really is no better time to start.

Eki Evbuomwan Viridor’s Education and Customer Relations Manager commented, “Viridor’s Revive soil conditioner compost is made from 100% organic waste from the homes and gardens of the general public in West Sussex and by using it, residents will be supporting local recycling and composting. Using Revive in householders’ gardens also means people are supporting a sustainable circular economy right here in West Sussex.”

Revive comes in new easy to open 40 litre bags and is ideal for use in gardens and other horticultural areas. Revive is available for sale at all Household Waste Recycling Sites for £4 per 40 litre bag or 3 bags for £10.

HWRSs are open from 8am to 7pm weekdays and from 9pm to 7pm on weekends (except Midhurst which operates 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Saturday only) to help West Sussex residents recycle unwanted items - and garden waste is no exception.

Garden waste such as shrub prunings, branches, grass cuttings, leaves, weeds and anything else residents don’t have the room to compost at home are all accepted free of charge at the 11 HWRSs in partnership with West Sussex County Council.  Viridor staff will be available to help people unsure of what or where to recycle their other items.

The Revive brand meets the highest quality standard in its market, including the Compost Quality Protocol (CQP) and the BSI PAS 100 standard, the leading industry accreditation for compost quality, ensuring a safe and consisted product to deliver outstanding results.

For those who also enjoy composting at home, West Sussex County Council has great offers on compost bins, a handy guide of what to add and what to leave out plus on-line advice from expert blogger Ask Annie as well as from fellow composters. Please see: where you will also find details of the Green Waste Collection service offered by your local council.

So all the more reason to support National Compost Awareness Week!