• Glass Bottles Jars 72 x 100

Yes please:

Coffee jars

Wine bottles

Beer bottles

Jam jars

Sauce bottles & jars

No thanks: mirror / window glass, Pyrex, drinking glasses, milk bottles, ceramics, crockery, glass vases, paperweights, spectacles

Glass recycling FAQs

Can I recycle my old drink glasses or Pyrex dishes? No. Please only put glass bottles and jars in your recycling bin. Drink glasses, Pyrex dishes and other glass products have different chemical properties and CANNOT be recycled with glass bottles and jars.

Pyrex and Ceramics melt at higher temperatures to glass bottles and jars, and therefore CANNOT be recycled with glass bottles and jars.

Can I recycle the metal lids on my wine bottles and jam jars? Yes. Please take these off the glass bottle or jar and place loose in your recycling bin.

Can I put old cooking oil glass bottles in my recycling bin? Yes. Please ensure they are empty and clean as possible before putting them in your recycling bin.